I Am Sleepy

First of all, let me just start out by apologizing for the lack of photos. I know, I know, you are just sitting there waiting for cute puppy pictures and video. You might even be hitting refresh, over and over, like a rat trying to get rewarded with a pellet. I swear, I’ll get to it, eventually. Or, it is all a cruel experiment to see how long you will keep looking for puppy photos if none ever appear.  One or the other.

Secondly, the announcement you’ve all not been waiting anxiously for. They have names now. Webster and Mindy are here with us. Auxiliary Teen named Webster, Webster. I asked her if it was because he is small and black, but she did not get the reference (which is probably for the best), so apparently not. I call him Sir Webster Burps A Lot, I assume you can guess why. The naming of Webster made me super tempted to name the girl Merriam, but I ended up going with Mindy, for Mini-Indy. Actually, that’s not true. I hadn’t decided on Mindy yet, I had just mentioned it as a possibility, but my mother started calling her Mindy, so I figured, good enough.  The third one, the vet named Darby (sp?) after her mother-in-law, apparently. I know no further story behind that.

As to the lack of photos, all the puppies really do, is eat, sleep, and poop, none of which makes for great picture-taking, but the main problem is how tired I am. I am all in, aweary, beat, beaten,bleary, broken-down, bushed, dead, done, done in, dozy, drowsy, drained, exhausted, fatigued, jaded, knackered, limp, loggy, overfatigued, overtaxed, overworked, played out, pooped, prostrate, run-down, sapped, sleepy, sluggish, slumberous, somnolent, spent, tired, wearied, burnt out, tapped out, tuckered out, washed out, wiped out, and just plain old worn, with or without the out.

I mean, they sleep a lot, but they poop really a lot, a lot. I think they poop 50% of their body weight every day, or more. Maybe 200%. It is difficult to tell, because I don’t want to muck up my scale. But, really, A LOT OF POOP. Also, sadly, it is still horrible scary nasty, we are not completely healthy yet, diarrhea poop, so it is extra gross, with a side of sauce.

The eat part, that is where we have been having some trouble. The other girl is still with the vet. I am waiting for a report on her. I am hoping she can come back soon, not that I need more work, but I know she’ll be much mentally better off snuggled with other puppy bodies instead of by her self. We were also having trouble getting Webster to eat enough, but we got different bottles and those nipples he responded too much better and he is now a voracious little sucking machine.

Mindy, ate okay the first feeding. She did not eat well the second feeding. She ate okay again the third feeding, but not on the fourth. I didn’t worry too much, and waited for the fifth feeding. However the fifth feeding came around and she was lethargic and just not up for eating, she only wanted to sleep. I stuck my finger in her mouth and felt a faint sucking reflex, but most felt a troubling dryness. She was getting a little dehydrated. I called the vet, and the vet came over and taught me how to stick a feeding tube into her stomach and insert food directly. Yay for new useful new skills! This gave her the energy boost she needed, and also let me be less concerned should she have more trouble.

At her next feeding, Mindy ate like a champ. She still doesn’t eat as easily and enthusiastically as Webster, but I’ve just kept stubbornly trying to motivate her until she eats. I haven’t had to use the feeding tube again.

I am not sure if I mentioned it, but I’m tired. It is time to go run errands, then feed the puppies again (and the cats), and then maybe sneak a nap in before dinner.

So umm…

I am a little incoherent and can’t think of how to finish off the post. You guys can imagine the final line yourselves. Make it something devastatingly witty, please.

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2 Responses to “I Am Sleepy”

  1. OMG that last line was a killer! I can’t believe you managed to be that witty while so tired.

    Go rest while you can 😀

  2. kellydna says:

    Haha. I, too, run into that problem where I’ve written all that needs to be said, but it’s not a nice, tidy closing line and I try to cover up for the abruptness.

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