Is it time for bed?


  • uploaded website
  • troubleshot wireless network, bought parts and repaired it
  • went to work on HE system, found problems, fixed things as best I could but they may need to get some warranty repair
  • bought a new bulb to replace the burnt out headlight, but cannot replace it in the dark
  • paid bills, many of them ones that made me angry
  • completed computer back up, on new computer, not settled on it yet
  • cleared a stuffed full small recycling bin worth of papers off my desk
  • fixed a problem on a website, even though somebody else made the error
  • drafted a “code of conduct” for a martial arts school
  • carved out some family time
  • carved out some couple time


  • cleaning the kitchen
  • picking up fused glass project
  • installing headlamp
  • website design outline
  • getting the HE system done and off the plate
  • getting to bed at a reasonable time

To Do Tuesday

I don’t want to think about it right now.

How Many Fits of Cursing Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?
Morning Assessment

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