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There has been a steady influx of puppies to the rescue all winter. This is not standard. Yes, some puppies are born year round, but there is a tendency for cycles to have it be a much lower birthrate during the colder weather, because this weather is harsh. Not only have there been a lot of puppies, but they are all coming from further up north, where it is even colder.

Like, one mother dog was turned in with a litter of three puppies, but she had originally had 9 puppies and 6 had frozen to death.

Anyhow, another puppy was transported in yesterday. An orphan, probably a half week older than our batch were when they came in. Since they develop at such a fast rate, that half a week makes a big difference. He is the only surviving member of his litter. Because he is alone, we’ll try to get him some time with our orphans on a regular basis so that he gets proper dog socialization, even though it will be a bit thrown off by their age difference.

He is adorable. A puffy ball of fluff that right now looks a lot like a Burmese Mountain Dog mix, but probably isn’t, since that breed is not common in the area he is from.

Anyhow, V stopped by yesterday to pick up supplies because mine are not on bottles anymore, and she stopped to let me meet him. She gave him a bottle here, which he took eagerly. Yay! Hopefully no feeding tubes will be needed for this one. After he was full and checked over for skin conditions, we let him meet our three.   He wasn’t really interested yet, he is a little young, but they sure were. Darby was the first to rush over to him, which I love, because I’ve been saying she needs to go to a home with another dog. She hurried over, body posture as friendly and enthusiastic as can be, “Hi! We should play! Let’s Play!” The other two soon followed. Mindy also was all friendly body posture, but more tentative, “Hello. How are you?” Webster was all boy dog. His stance was strong, and he wasn’t unfriendly, but he definite wasn’t friendly either. “Hello stranger. What are your intentions?”

Unfortunately, all too soon the new little one proved that he has a serious case of diarrhea, so we quickly separated him from my gang, and did a bunch of cleaning. I then got out the precious stash of magic white powder that had stopped the onslaught of poo water from our gang, and passed it along.

I’m glad nobody asked me to take him, because once I saw him, I couldn’t have said no, but I am still not getting enough sleep even though these are weaned. I’ll try to get photos of him soon.

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