Oh, give me a small break, please.

I want to interact with Netflix about something. It is about something simple, and I think they would most likely be able to help me if I can just point out the problem. After all, if they help me they will get more of my money than if they don’t help me.

So, I went to their website to try to click on the correct series of links to get to a form page to send them a message. I fail and fail and fail. All I can find is the fricken phone number.

I search through my old email contact with them to find their email address, but it no longer works as an inbox address for them.

I search online for the posting of an email address, and I find a few places mentioning that they did away with email support about a year ago.



An internet based company should offer some damn internet based customer service. Yes, there are a bunch of people out that who prefer the phone. Bully for them. I am not opposed to them offering a phone number. I think a 24 hour line staffed by real humans beings is a good offering, but it should not be the only offering. This person thinks the change was a big customer service bonus, and I completely disagree.

So, here I am with a problem I’d like to have solved. If they solved it they would make a little more money. Now, I am annoyed, my problem will not be solved, and that money will never be theirs. There is no way I am going to waste my time on hold and deal with somebody by phone when this would be so easy to handle by email, but they won’t give me that opportunity.

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