Open Letter: CNN Edition

Dear CNN,

I began following <a href=””>cnnbrk on twitter</a> with notifications on, because it seemed like a good way to find out about breaking news which might be of importance or interest to me.

Admittedly things like some guy hitting a ball with a stick further, in the right direction, more times than some other guy hit a ball with a stick in a similar fashion, is of zero interest to me, but I am willing to consider that it is of interest to a large chunk of your other twitter followers.

However, I think it is important to point out that Jenna Bush getting engaged IS NOT BREAKING NEWS. It isn’t. There are a handful of people for whom it is breaking news, and I doubt any of them are even on twitter, much less following cnnbreak.

Do you know whose engagement I would actually care to be notified about RIGHT AWAY? No, you don’t, because it wouldn’t be anybody that CNN would know anything about.

Do not feed the bridezillas.



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