Open Letter: Moving Company Edition

Dear Moving Company Contact,

Please refrain from replying to my email with a phone call. No, I will not call you back. If I had wanted to call you, I would have done that to start with.

I already spoke to you on the phone once. I called you back in response to your first message, despite the fact you had not provided me with your extension, or last name, thereby making returning the message an even larger chore than it needed to be.

I then, not only answered the questions about the delivery date, I explained exactly WHY it needed to be that date. Then I secured your email address and extension number, because it had not occurred to you to offer either.

In my email I reiterated the date information to you. I typed out the date, month, year, and even the day of the week.

I fail to understand why you are now leaving me a message saying that you got my email, and to please call you back and tell you which date I want for delivery (offering me 4 possible dates INCLUDING the one I have already told you both verbally and in writing is the only one that will work). We are clearly suffering from a communication failure, and since you are in a service business, perhaps you should work on your end a bit.

Also, I believe it is standard upon leaving business messages to provide your phone number and extension, especially when you call from a blocked number. Yes, I did make note of your information from our previous conversation, but considering that you seem unable to hang onto important details yourself, you should probably assume the same about others and over-provide your contact information as a matter of course.


– Me

P.S. The woman you are replacing was a lot more functional and competent than you, and I sincerely hope that she quit for a position someplace with co-workers who are not as useless as you appear to be. I just wish she had done it AFTER I completed my move.

Willow the Alarm Clock
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