Open Letter: Naked Flickr Folks Edition

Dear Flickr Idiots,

In my past two visits to MY Flickr start page I was treated to a man sitting naked, spread legged, with his penis front and center, and a badly lit, out of focus, manually spread vagina under the “Everyone’s Photos” section.

I do not wish to see these things. Yes, you are allowed to post bad photos to flickr. Yes, you are allowed to post nude photos to flickr. However, you are not supposed to post nude photos to flickr visible to the public stream. Don’t do it.

DON’T -Upload photos that include frontal nudity, genitalia and/or “intimate moments” between consenting partners in public areas of Flickr If you do we’ll make your photostream private and remind you of this Guideline. If you don’t heed our warning and continue to make similar content public, we’ll terminate your account without warning. This applies to your Buddy Icon as well.”

Learn how to use privacy settings as well as the “hide this photo” option.

What does the “hide this photo” link on my photo page do?
If you’re uploading something that you probably wouldn’t show your mum, use the “hide this photo” link to make sure the image won’t come up in public site areas. This is desirable behavior. :)”

Please pretend you have a societally normal relationship with your mum while you are determining this.

I promise that if I want to see your nakid bits, I won’t be shy about asking, but in the meantime keep your vagina off of my start page.

Also, learn to take better photos of it.

Thank you.

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