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The mobile interface is very limited. Hopefully I will have a new and better phone tomorrow. I really hope to have internet installed on Monday.

Woke up to fire news from the place I am honestly still thinking of as “home”, and have continued to monitor the situation all day. Just exchanged some txtmsgs with my neighbor a few minutes ago.

Unpacking is going slowly. Climate adjustment is also going slowly. My skin hates the change.

Dogs are… annoying. Indy hates the weather and in her typical weather hating response is going on bathroom strikes. London caught a possum in the backyard, and now only wants to catch more things, and is also becoming a bathroom problem, because he is too busy looking for something to catch and doesn’t want to waste time pooping. Great. I fear for the carpet.

The cats are doing great.

The fish is still alive.

It has been warmer the past two days than it was when we first got here, but is still on the chilly side.

Wonderful friend arrives on Monday to provide us with a week of company and unpacking help.

On Monday they are predicting a high of 29 degrees. I hope wonderful friend brings warm clothes.

I predict I will cook a lot more soup here.

I have internet
cold and tired

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