Puppy Love

My first crush was a boy in my kindergarten class, named Jimmy.

One day our mothers made arrangements for us to play together after school. I was excited about it.

We were playing outside we saw a little dog. The dog was wandering around happily sniffing the at things, tail up and wagging joyfully. Jimmy laughed and pointed at the dog. “Look at his butt! See that hole? That is where the POOP comes out!!” This cracked him up.

And so my first crush came to an end, amidst his gales of laughter. Period. Full stop.

It wasn’t that I was embarrassed or grossed out. I worried that the dog might hear and little doggie feelings would be hurt. I thought it was mean of Jimmy to make fun of the dog.

I told my friend Sarah about it. She was in second grade, and of course we both considered her much wiser and more experienced in the ways of the world.

She laughed at me. “What did you expect? Boys are way more immature than girls.”

What do you remember about your first crush?

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