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I am in Kansas for the night. Had an unpleasant interaction with a teenager working at fast food place in Oklahoma earlier today. Maybe I’ll write about it later. I’m not sure what they are teaching in Oklahoma along the lines of customer service or professionalism, but I do know that at least one person can say “fuck” loudly and often.

I’m not really reading stuff that you guys are posting right now, although I plan to catch up in full once I get to where I am going (and get internet turned on). Please email me anything you really want me to know. I get email on my phone.

Fish is still alive. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>It is in the microwave</a>.

Dogs and cats are still alive. Willow is the happiest of the bunch.

Need to try to get some sleep now.

P.S. the furnace never got fixed

Made it to Minneapolis
Morning has broken

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