Saviors Need Not Apply

My journal is a place for me to keep track of and pass on bits of information that stike me as interesting, significant or amusing in some way. This external stuff is fair game. It doesn’t involve me directly and if you enjoy going on about the much better way in which you’d handle it, that’s up to you.

My journal is a place for me to vent. The act of venting is a means to an end in itself. The venting is what I am looking for, not help with whatever I am venting about. Do not mistake my posting it for you to read, as a cry for your help.

My journal is occasionally a place where I ask for advice or help. You’ll be able to tell, because my post will include the words “I could really use some help, if anyone is available.” or “I would appreciate some advice on this.” or an equally direct variation. I’m not shy. I’ll make it clear. When I just post a general complaint, it is NOT some passive aggressive way of asking for advice or help.

I think.

I think a lot.

I think about things way more than is reasonable.

If each time I ranted about something going on in my life, I went down every path I had already considered, I would only be able to post once every six months, at best. That is how long it would take me to type it. Also, you would never have the patience to read all of it. You’d still present an angle I had already thought and written about, and that you passed out before getting to.

There are certain topics about which people cannot seem to refrain from giving advice, so I tend not to post about them at all, because (I think I mentioned this already) I don’t much care for unsolicited advice. Instead I cherry pick a couple of people and let the poobird of stress deposit directly upon them (send your dry cleaning bills). It isn’t that I am trying to spare the feelings of the “I can’t fucking refrain from giving my unwanted advice about your personal situation, because obviously you do want it or you wouldn’t have mentioned it where I could see it” folks, it is just to spare myself the annoyance when I am already annoyed. I do get that sometimes people mean well (sometimes they are just holier than thou arrogant little twat monkeys who can only see things from their perspective) but sometimes they genuinely care and mean very well. Meaning well does not equal wanted advice.

I see a difference between you having experienced a similar situation and talking about what did and did not work for you – and giving advice. If you clearly understand that the same may not, and often will not, apply in the case of another individual, then we probably at least have that bit of common ground. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

I write because I like to write. If you like to read what I write, that is great. Really. If you do not enjoy what I write and just have an overwhelming desire to FIX me, you should go elsewhere.

I am not looking for a savior. Period. Exclamation point

Road Rules


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