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I am not unaware or unappreciative of the good in my life. I’m not. There is a lot that is good. I know it.

However, I don’t feel like writing about it right now. I don’t want to look on the bright side or focus on the positive. What I want to do is vent about the negative. I want to do that here. I am going to bitch and complain and dwell on the dark side and wallow in the muck and I really don’t need anyone to help me see the positive side. Not only do I not need it, I don’t want it.

So, please feel free to scroll right past my pity party (which I suspect will be going on for quite a while), but don’t be trying to aim a bunch of sunshine my way. It just isn’t what I need right now.

It’s fucking cold. I don’t mind the cold, really, but I have lived in Southern California for the past 13 years. I didn’t own any winter clothes. Cold without decent clothes is just fucking miserable. In order to rectify the no winter clothes thing, I need to shop.

You know what else makes me fucking miserable? That would be shopping. I’ve had to do more shopping in person in the past few weeks than I’ve had to do in… I don’t know how long. I hate it. I hate the stores. I hate the parking lot. I hate the crowds. I hate dealing with the check out. I hate trying shit on.

Also, it turns out I basically hate winter clothes. Or at least most of what I am finding. They are not flattering to me. I feel ugly in them.

I have found several cute things for the kid. Actually we are close to done on the kid stuff.

The water pressure problem has not been solved and I need it to be dealt with soon. There is this whole odd thing with this house as far as the owner and the property manager goes (I’ll write about it later) but in the meantime, my water pressure problem is not being handled. I know it will be soon, but really, I want it handed 2 weeks ago.

Every night I go to bed without enough done. Every morning I wake up with too much to do.

I can’t find a good breakfast place. Breakfast is easy enough to do at home, but as a family we really enjoy a breakfast out every other weekend and since we got here we’ve been eating out a lot more often than that as I try to beat this kitchen into shape. Breakfast is easy. How can everyplace be so lame? Ugh.

The stove here is electric. One of those glass top ranges. I hate it. It is a pain in the ass to cook on, and I haven’t gotten the knack for it yet at all.

Produce is noticeably more expensive here. Wandering through the grocery store causes a fair amount of stress. First of all… it is shopping. Secondly, I don’t know where anything is because they are not “my” grocery stores, so I have to wander around a lot. Then they don’t care the things I want, or the prices are high enough to make me cringe. The cheapest turnips I’ve found so far are more than twice as expensive as back home (which is still how my brain thinks of it). I went to a Trader Joe’s here, which is a story in itself, damn what a shitfest of a parking lot, and everyone shopping there was cranky. Actually I suppose I fit in well. They don’t carry several of my staple TJ items though. When I am back in CA, I am going to pick up those so I can bring the packaging back here and give it to the manager and see if they can look into carrying them. They are all TJ branded items, so… maybe.

Also a LOT more expensive? Finding somebody to do yard work type stuff for you. I am getting quotes for yard maintenance and snow removal. They are not pleasing to me, and I keep getting tempted to just try doing the snow removal thing ourselves this year out of sheer cheapness, but I also know that since every person in our house has serious back problems, that I had better factor in the medical costs to the whole thing.

Alright, time to go to bed. At some point I should probably get a new comforter to replace the one that Willow peed to death. The nights might be a bit warmer then. Not that I’d be getting enough sleep because the dogs are determined to wake me up several times a night.

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