Somebody just forwarded me an email with 3 attachments, a pdf, a pub and a wps.

Can you open these? I can only open the pdf file. I have no idea what to do with the others.

I opened the non-pdf ones, created pdfs from them and sent them back. Not a huge deal.

Here’s the thing. Also included in the forward was the email, a portion of which says:

If you have any trouble opening any of these let me know and I will see if I can fax it to you or send it in another format.

Why exactly is the first impulse to send ME an email telling me about the trouble opening them? I can imagine that they might think getting it in another format won’t go smoothly, but I know for a fact that when this person is sending me an email they are sitting right next to a fax machine.

Also, the original sender is a business, trying to get a new customer. Why are they sending their information out like this? Not only are they sending three different documents (each one page only) in three different formats. They have also named them full sentences with spaces and periods, as in an extra . before the .extension. Surely this creates problems fairly often for the people they send them to. Why don’t they ask somebody what they should do instead? They totally overcharge for their services, they could afford to learn how to do it correctly.

Are we speaking the same language?
Another Day, Another Annoyance

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