Sleep Is Usually Better

At 1:15 AM I got up from my chair and walked away from the computer, with the intention of going to bed. I was feeling quite tired and really looking forward to some sleep. As I exited the office with Xander happily following me, in front of me, in that special way cats have, we encountered the dogs, who were way way way too excited to see me. It took a moment, but then it registered., “Shit, I haven’t fed you yet.” “No kidding lady, what the hell is the matter with you? We might have starved to death any second.”

I wandered downstairs to do all the nightly dog ritual stuff, a couple of hours later than usual. Upon finishing though, I just wasn’t quite sleepy enough anymore. Plus I wanted to check the computer again, just in case I had gotten an email I was hoping for. Once I was at the computer, I remembered a little search I meant to do. You know, a little search, the kind that “will only take a second”. That google search made me notice an interesting article, which mentioned some medical condition I had never heard of before.

So then I had to google that condition, but wasn’t immediately satisfied with the top results. I switched to google image search instead, because really, at 1:30 AM what I want to be doing is image searching on a medical condition, even though I am not sure what the heck it is.

That led me to clicking on a link that I immediately wished I hadn’t clicked on. Throughout the years there have been more instances of this that I would like to remember, but I remember them all, in horrifying detail. As soon as that ‘wishing I hadn’t clicked’ occurred, one might presume that I would click the handy back button, or close the browser, or maybe even get up and leave the room and go to bed. Those who know me realize that I am mentally defective, and can probably already tell you that I stayed on the page. Not only did I stay there, but I clicked through to see the full size of the images. What is wrong with me? The list is long and really not worth going into.

The page I had found were award winners for medical photography and illustrations. I was not aware of these awards, but now I am. Some of the photos most seriously gave me the creeps. Others were crazy cool.

But really, I should have been sleeping instead of looking at each and every image from the Award winners and images from the IMI 2005 conference in York, including all the ones that won bronze


Okay, that is too weird – Are there actually more than 4 people reading this thing? This morning the server with those photos is locked down, and even if you try to worm around it, it says “Due to unprecedented loads on our web server we have had to temporarily remove access to past award winning images. We apologise for this restriction and are working to resume normal service as soon as possible.” That can’t possibly me my fault, can it?

Maybe nobody has ever looked at it before at all, so my simply looking at each and every full resolution image last night was the unprecedented load. Yeah, that sounds more likely.

Anyhow, removed the link.

How annoyed am I?

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