Sonic Drive-In – Tiresome Useless “Apology”

District Manager Joe called and left me a message. He would like me to call back.  I don’t know that I will, because I really have nothing to gain from calling back.

He sort of apologized. He said the words “I apologize,” however the content of the apology was basically a non-apology.

He agrees they were incorrect to not give me the deal, but basically still thinks I was wrong to expect it.

Now, admittedly this is from a message and perhaps if I spoke to him directly and poked at the nature of what he is saying, we’d get to a different place, but really?  Should I have to work that hard to get a genuine apology for daring to expect them to honor the sale that the sign said they had?

Manager Tim lied to Joe.  Now, I am not saying he deliberately lied in order to cover something up.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.  However, assuming that what DM Joe said is true, the manager did tell him something that was not the truth.

The manager told the district manager that they’ve given me this deal before.  So their feeling is, they had already told me that it wasn’t a valid deal, so I was in the wrong for asking for it again.

This is NOT TRUE, plain and simple.  I’ve never had any sort of argument with them over this deal in the past, and I’ve never been granted an exception to the deal, nor anything else of the sort.  Even if I had, THEY HAD A SIGN UP!  If somebody who looked like me told them about the sign in the past, wouldn’t they have taken it down then?!

But no, they still seem to think it has nothing to do with the sign, and they don’t need to honor posted signs.

They think it is a Happy Hour issue.

Sonic Drive-In offers a Happy Hour special during the dead time between lunch and dinner, much like many other restaurants.  Sonic’s special is all drinks are half price during Happy Hour, but NO ICE CREAM drinks are included.  It says this on the sign that advertises Happy Hour.  I know this.  I have never ordered an ice cream based drink during Happy Hour expecting half price on it, because ice cream drinks are not included.  So, no, I have never ordered one in the past by mistake, and then argued with them to give me the drink at half price.  I can read.  I can read the signs and see that ice cream drinks are not included, and if I wanted an ice cream drink (and if I do want an ice cream drink, I get the Chiller, not the Cream Slush), I would expect to pay full price for it, because it is not part of Happy Hour.

I ordered the Cream Slush, not because it was Happy Hour and with no connection to Happy Hour.  When I drove into the lot, the first thing I saw was a sign that said “1/2 Price Cream Slush Treats All Day Real Ice Cream Real Fruit”.  It did not say, “All Day Except Happy Hour”.  It said nothing about Happy Hour. I ordered the Cream Slush because when I saw that sign, I thought, “Oh, that sounds interesting.  I’ll try that.”  I’ve never ordered the Cream Slush before at all.  My daughter has once, and she didn’t even like it, which is why even with the special, she didn’t order one.  I ordered it only because their sign advertising the special put the idea into my head.

Anyhow, Joe would like me to call back, and he’ll give me a coupon for a free Cream Slush.  I don’t want a free Cream Slush.  Why would I trust any drink from the Sonic at 2101 American Blvd W, Minneapolis, MN?  The manager there clearly has a grudge against people who look like me.  If I was more paranoid, I’d think that it might be against people who are not white enough, but I’m instead going to assume there really is some other person running around who looks just like me and argues with them about their clearly defined Happy Hour offering.

I guess it wasn’t about honoring or not honoring their posted advertisement for Tim.  The reason it felt like he was calling me a liar for saying that I saw it on a sign, was because he had already decided I was pulling a scam.

But you know what?  Let’s pretend I am incapable of reading (not true).  Let’s pretend I had made a mistaken order in the past, and then wouldn’t back down when they showed me the spot on the Happy Hour sign that says “no ice cream drinks” (not true, at all, I would have been embarrassed and agreed it was my mistake).  Let’s pretend I got them to make a one time only exception to the Happy Hour special in the past to give me an ice cream drink at half price (never happened).  Even if all that happened, I’d still be absolutely right to think that seeing a sign that said “1/2 Price Cream Slush Treats All Day Real Ice Cream Real Fruit” meant that Cream Slush Treats were 1/2 Price that day.

BTW, if you are local, the nearby Culver’s does offer a Happy Hour special on their ice cream treat – Concrete Mixer 2 for 1, or at least they did that day.  Also, most of the Dairy Queens around here seem to offer all drinks, including ice cream ones, for 1/2 price during Happy Hour.  Not that this issue was about Happy Hour at all, but since Sonic thinks it is, I might as well help you find some alternatives to their Happy Hour.

Personally, I’d rather happy hour with a nice cocktail.  Here are some options for that too.

Send in the Puppies
Bearing My Heart

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