Spring Has Sprung, Except for the Dead Things

I had someone over to look at the yard yesterday. Along with several plants, bushes and vines, it looks like we’ve lost 4 large trees (10-15 years old) from the unusual frost this year. I can try having the trees severely chopped back in hopes that perhaps they will revive, but she did not hold out a lot of hope for them.

What sucks is that, beyond the expense of removing them, because of their location it is highly unlikely to get much of the root structure out at all. This means that nothing large can replace them as it will have no room to root itself. This is going to have a real impact on the privacy of the backyard.

So perhaps I should try the chopping them back route? It is unlikely to work and will be quite ugly in the meantime, but there might be a chance of it coming back.

I wish I could afford to completely redo the hardscape out there. It was very well done and has held up beautifully, but is not at all to my personal taste.

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