Still Not Right

I am definitely still feeling very tired. Also feeling unusually cold. Is it exhaustion from the stress associated with life and taxes, or am I coming down with something? It could all be signs of my meds being out of whack too. It might be as simple as another stage from my dropping the caffeine.

I don’t know. Don’t really care at the moment either, which in theory should perhaps be troubling, and yet, I DON’T CARE.

Vet checked out the critters. I wish I liked this vet better. As I have described before, she isn’t awful by any stretch, she just isn’t the type the inspires any confidence. I wish we lived closer to some of the vets who I feel a lot better about. Basically what this one has going for her is:

she is nice
she is raw supportive
she is local
she does housecalls

These things are all good, but I would prefer to be able to add “she seems very intelligent” and “she REALLY knows her shit” to the list.

Xander has a bad tooth and will need to be sedated to have work done on it. This stresses me out quite a bit. Otherwise he is fine, or he was before she got her. Now he is hiding and fuming about rectal thermometers.

Willow has been given until Wednesday to shit, or else… Basically, the vet didn’t feel a mass and since cat is acting fine and eating an urinating, we can let it go for a few more days, but really she has to crap at some point or they need to do x-rays.

London, well they all fucking adored London, of course. He is such a scam artist. They kept going on and on about how good, and sweet and handsome he was. He got lots of strokes and snuggles and one of the techs rubbed his belly a long time. What a bunch of suckers. They’ll get back to me with his titer test, and in general he looks and sounds good. She poked at the mini-lump that is on the back of his neck and are not very concerned. I am just supposed to keep a feel on it and let her know about any changes. She also said I could stop by the new office for the open house next week and pick up some cream for his allergies.

Indy just got a shot.

I’ve been wasting my day away on a personal project, but at least it is doing something, which is more than I actually feel like doing.

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