We happen to have a friend whose mother lives in Minneapolis. She invited us over for Thanksgiving. We accepted because we knew the kitchen would be in no damn shape for cooking, plus our friend would be in town and it would give us a chance to see him.

In many ways it was entertaining to get to see the little family quirks of people I was not related to.

At the same time, I haven’t not made a Thanksgiving meal myself since 1994. I’m a bit of a kitchen/food control freak. Also traditional Thanksgiving fare is very carb heavy, and I eat low carb, and that is simply my preference. Yet if somebody else is making the meal, I feel I should try everything.

Not to say that I am not pleased to have been asked. Not to say that I did not enjoy my meal. It was a very nice day, and I had a good time and it got me out of this house. It just didn’t quite feel like Thanksgiving to me without the time spent food shopping and meal planning and prepping and cooking.

Anyhow. It’s Thanksgiving. I hope all of you that celebrate it had a good one.

There are many things I am thankful for.

When asked what she was thankful for, my daughter replied “I’m thankful that Willow didn’t pee on ME.

Love her, horrid little thing that she is. Yep.

Oh, give me a small break, please.
Hat and Shit - because what is a post from me without some mention of shit?


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