would you like a little whine with that?

This morning I feel fucking sorry for myself because I need to fill out a little yellow piece of paper because Z is stage crew on a show. I have no fucking answer for somebody to put in the Emergency Contact space in case we cannot be reached, much less two names. We have no fucking friends here. We are just here, all alone. Now, mind you, in all the years of her doing stuff, I’ve never had a... read more

Bad Mood on the Rise

I am paying bills, eating salt and pepper pistachios, and trying not to think too much about the fact that my laptop is on a downward slope and will soon either need to have money and time spent on it, or will need to be retired to the junkyard. My mood is shit, due partly to paying bills, partly to teenage attitude, partly to the ridiculously frustrating behavior and actions of a friend, and mostly to... read more

More Whining

I sort of more or less chilled this weekend and tried to relax, but today came and the overwhelming stress of all I need to get done hit and I could not stop kicking myself for not staying on task. I was so busy kicking myself, I couldn’t really manage to get back on task. It was a shit day. I did make a small batch of chicken stock, which is now cooling. I much prefer homemade stock to store bought,... read more

Season of Cranky

I am not unaware or unappreciative of the good in my life. I’m not. There is a lot that is good. I know it. However, I don’t feel like writing about it right now. I don’t want to look on the bright side or focus on the positive. What I want to do is vent about the negative. I want to do that here. I am going to bitch and complain and dwell on the dark side and wallow in the muck and I... read more

posting from my phone

The mobile interface is very limited. Hopefully I will have a new and better phone tomorrow. I really hope to have internet installed on Monday. Woke up to fire news from the place I am honestly still thinking of as “home”, and have continued to monitor the situation all day. Just exchanged some txtmsgs with my neighbor a few minutes ago. Unpacking is going slowly. Climate adjustment is also... read more

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