I Feel Sad

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Big Damn News

Wow. I don’t even fully know how to wrap my head around it. Actually, I can’t. I’ll probably be able to later, but after today, I am still in shock. I’ll get to today later. Our daughter is 16 years old and starting her junior year. She has been homeschooled since the start. She is now officially a public school student. She still won’t be attending a traditional school. As a... read more

More Whining

I sort of more or less chilled this weekend and tried to relax, but today came and the overwhelming stress of all I need to get done hit and I could not stop kicking myself for not staying on task. I was so busy kicking myself, I couldn’t really manage to get back on task. It was a shit day. I did make a small batch of chicken stock, which is now cooling. I much prefer homemade stock to store bought,... read more

Am I Twisted?

I took one look at this site and thought “Homeschooling craft/history projects!” read more

My Homeschooling Experience – Part 2

“What about homeschooling? You know it’s not just for scary religious people any more.” – Buffy Summers * I addressed a bit of the why and the how we got started homeschooling in a¬†previous post. It is true that a large number of homeschoolers homeschool, at least partially, for religious reasons. The ones that homeschool ONLY for religious reasons, I have close to no interaction... read more

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