I’m Living

Today in the car my daughter and I were discussing an assignment she needs to do, a series of photos based around poem or book, with a theme of “family”. I told her, “Oh, you could do that famous children’s book.” “I don’t know which book you mean,” she replied. I couldn’t respond because I had burst into tears. Okay… so THAT was stable. I pulled... read more

Finally Friday

It’s been a tough week in the dog world. Not my own dogs, they are fine. In the rescue world, things have been a bit rough. It is difficult. It is worth it, but difficult. I try to focus on the worth it part, but some days are harder than others. What else is up? It has been warm, and almost all the snow is gone. The backyard is a complete and total swamp. I don’t want Indy and Watson to run... read more

Sitting and Thinking

So, yesterday I teased that I had other news that was too big to just tack on the bottom of that post. It wasn’t really a sweeps week “to be continued” type of tease. I just have all this shit on my mind, but my mind hasn’t finished chewing on it yet. I know some of what it means, but I don’t know all of what it means. So, here you get a little glimpse into my life, mid... read more

Body Acceptance and Lack Thereof

Part of the reason I wrote the fat post was because I really wanted to write this post, but needed those other thoughts out of the way first. Then my life got in the way and it took me a little bit to get back to this post. I don’t like my body. I do not have a warm relationship with it, and I am not very motivated to improve my feelings toward it. I get that YOU may believe that loving my body is... read more

I am not a social caterpillar.

I keep trying to write something about my weekend, but I am still too tired to manage. It kept trying to turn into some large thing about introversion, which wasn’t what I actually wanted to say about the weekend. I am antisocial. I am an introvert. These two things are not the same. I have always been an introvert and have no reason at all to expect this to change. There have been studies which show... read more

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