Useless Things

The internet helps me to save time, and helps me to waste it. So far today, I am choosing to waste time. Perhaps I will change my mind later. Take this quiz at   Belief-O-Matic Your Results: The top score on the list below represents the faith that Belief-O-Matic, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks most closely matches your beliefs. However, even a score of 100% does not mean... read more

Useful Things

MSN displays local gas prices. They are not the only site that does it, but I do find the ones that get updates from the gas stations to be more reliable than the user reported sites. Unfortunately they do not cover the membership gas stations (like Costco, at least not in my area). I still find them very useful. When it comes to shopping, I prefer to shop online. When you go to shop at a store, there are... read more

Costco’s New Return Policy

We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell, with a full refund. Exceptions: Televisions, computers, cameras, camcorders, iPOD / MP3 players and cellular phones must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund. Now, I did not use Costco’s return policy as a way to get free upgrades. However the policy was part of the reason I shopped at Costco. It was not about cheap prices. The... read more

Dear Buddha, please send me a pony, and a plastic rocket, and please, oh please, make me popular…

As if elementary school, junior high school and high school wasn’t enough – I grew up and needed to worry about cyberpopularity as well. Lucky for me, there are services to help turn cyberlosers into social-networking magnets because appearing more popular actually creates popularity. Of course, not liking people all that much makes popularity a burden. Luckily there... read more

so it’s sort of social… demented and sad, but social

I really hate MySpace. Even before I factor in the ways in which it is used, and many of the people using it, I just hate how incredibly ugly and broken it is. It is one thing to give the masses a way to quickly customize a page and another thing to give them options which create audio and visual assault on any person who is unfortunate enough to click a link. I find it foul and hideous and I am saddened... read more

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