Fat Chick Typing

I am overweight according to medical professionals, our government, the fashion industry, the media, and society in general. Sometimes more so, sometimes less so. I am curvy. I am soft. I have flesh covering all my bones. If you ever see me with a small ass or any bones poking out, assume that I am ill. I am fat because of genetics, lifestyle, emotional issues, psychological issues, medical issues and... read more

Perhaps you were somehow unaware

When you bump into a chair that has a person sitting in it, they feel it. It does not matter which part of your body you do this with. They feel it. When you rest your feet, or knees, or anything else, on a seat that has a person sitting in it, they feel every single little shift that you make. At that point you are taking up more than your allotted space and you are affecting the enjoyment of another... read more

Road Rules

I am greedy. I want what is mine. Quite honestly, I want more than what is mine. I want. One of the things I want is zero traffic on the road with me. I want the way to be clear from where I am, to where I want to be. I do not want traffic jams, or cross traffic, or any sort of light or sign that is not in my favor. I want nothing at all to slow me down between here and there. I want that. I admit it. Not... read more

PSA – Spoilers Suck

As mentioned recently on The Leaky Cauldron and reiterated by J.K. Rowling. As much as I hate (and I do) the individual spoiling dickheads of the world, of which there are many. I even further resent the media and their propensity for spoiling left and right. Plot points are not NEWS. They are not part of what you need to inform the public about. If you fucking must, then put it no earlier than... read more

See What’s Become of Me

I don’t really understand the way so many people seem so hung up on time. I completely understand it as a tool to coordinate. It would be much more difficult to meet somebody for lunch if we had no common reference point for when. I also grasp it to measure the passing of it. It is good to know how long something took to accomplish. I just don’t understand the random value attached to certain... read more

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