Ice Ice Baby

Our Watson is totally obsessed with ice cubes. He loves them. He comes running from anywhere at the sound of the ice dispenser. We joke that it is because he was born in Minnesota, in the middle of winter, but who knows, maybe it isn’t a joke. Whatever the reason, he absolutely loves ice. The only thing that limits the amount of ice that he would eat, appears to be us. My husband is a hobbyist... read more

Wagging Tales

Things have been a little coney around here. First, Watson got neutered. He was sentenced to a cone for two weeks. One week later, it was time for Mindy to get spayed, and she was sentenced to a cone for two weeks. Watson was released from his cone, for less than a week, when he injured his foot, and got reconed. Mindy got deconed and had to wait for Watson to be free. They finally got to play together... read more

Life With Dogs

Leather Option on my friend’s car seats – $3000 Water/Mud proof cover for the backseat to protect it from two Border Collies – $50 Adoption fee for my adorable new puppy – $225 Moment when Border Collies grrr-umph about puppy getting into THEIR car and puppy submissively urinates all over the uncovered front seat –... read more

Playing Catch Up – Part II

Last episode of Bitchy McBitcherson had me Cranky in Colorado, so we’ll be starting out there too. C R A N K Y Seriously, the damn breakfast room attendant was too busy chatting with another employee to keep the food stocked and when she wasn’t doing that, she was watching the TV, which was on way too loud. Anyhow, the husband and I chatted and debated between drive two harder days, or three... read more

Playing Catch Up – Part I

So, a lot has been happening, and none of that has been blogging. I moved. I don’t live in Minnesota any longer. We moved back to Los Angeles. It has been pure hell, but all in all, it is a very good thing. I am glad we made the decision that we did. I’m glad we moved. It’s just that moving sucks. We knew for a while. My husband gave a month’s notice at work, but they didn’t... read more

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