My super power, let me show you it.

I am Worst Case Scenario Girl. Let me catch the slightest glimpse of any bit of anything, and I can immediately run it down the path to its worst possible conclusion. I don’t mean that I can just tell you things that could go wrong. Actually, I likely won’t say anything to you about i at all. I just fast forward be boop Be BoOP BE BOOP in my mind right through ALL the bad bits. I hear it.... read more

Weekend Update

There is a girl who lives nearby. We met her and her family almost immediately upon moving into this house and her and my daughter began hanging out. There have been times when they have spent more time together and times when they’ve spent less time together. I’ve never actively encouraged the friendship because I do not care for the parenting style of her parents. At the same time I have not... read more

The World Didn’t End

One of my clients just called, and asked me to take on a new client. He has a buddy in the midst of major computer problems who needs lots of help, starting today and ongoing… I said NO. I did it. I turned him down. Between the hating to turn down money, and the hating to disappoint a client thing, I wasn’t certain what words would actually come out of my mouth as I took a breath and opened... read more

Will the Real Fuck Up Please Stand Up

To elaborate: The Dogs – The dogs have recently crossed that line from little bad behaviors on occasion to being willfully defiant of long standing rules. This is my fault. I know how to raise dogs and live with them. You have to be consistent, and you have to nip the little things in the bud and not let them grow into big things. You have to make time to deal with it. It is your responsibility to... read more

Is it time for bed?

Done uploaded website troubleshot wireless network, bought parts and repaired it went to work on HE system, found problems, fixed things as best I could but they may need to get some warranty repair bought a new bulb to replace the burnt out headlight, but cannot replace it in the dark paid bills, many of them ones that made me angry completed computer back up, on new computer, not settled on it... read more

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