State Farm

Fuck. FUCK. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! read more

Volcano Lunch

My birthday is next week and a friend of mine took me out for a mani/pedi and lunch yesterday as my gift. The mani/pedi went without incident. We sat next to each other in the massager chairs and tried to converse while people tickled our feet and manhandled us. For lunch we went to a sushi place that neither of us had been to before. Some people, especially when treating a friend to a birthday meal,... read more

Ways to thrill a first time customer – Not

I placed a first time order with a company (a fairly high end company at that) for a total of 26 items. Today it arrived. The ‘quantity shipped’ on my packing slip shows all of the items listed and marked as shipped, nothing is marked on back order. How many items are missing? 7 That is a lot. That happens to be more than a quarter of them. How much did that bother me? So much that I called. I... read more

Another Thing I Hate

It really irritates me when I go through the effort to look up the phone number for a specific location of a government office, rather than using the main number, but calling that supposedly targeted phone number just connects me back into the main switchboard. I just spent time wandering through a phone tree, waiting on hold, talking to somebody and they determined, lo and behold, that I needed to ask... read more

I Smell Like I Sound

Huh? I am certain those were not the lyrics I was mumbling back when I thought I was singing along to Hungry Like The Wolf a million years ago. Yep, I was playing Karaoke Revolution again. It is much easier to get high enough scores to open up new stuff on a song you find at least vaguely familiar. I was definitely no Duran Duranimal, but had reached the point where Hungry Like the Wolf was the last song... read more

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