The Best Laid Plans of Cats

Xander: *Purr* *Purr* *Purr* *Snuggle*

Me: Umm, working. Inconvenient.

Xander: *Boof* *Snuggle* *Knead* *Knead* *Purr*

Me: Okay, cute, but try to be less in the way.

Xander: *Purr* *Purr* *Purr* *Walk on Keyboard* *Lie on Typing Hands*

Me: Too much cat!

Xander: *Purr* *Happy* *Purr* *Boof*

Me: *Grab Xander* *Hug Xander* *Snuggle Xander* *Release Xander*

Xander: *Huff* Undignified! *Stalks away*

Sometimes the best response to Too Much Cat is Too Much Person.

still cranky
Willow the Alarm Clock

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