The Mark of Stress

There is a cold sore blister on my face. It is ugly. It hurts.

There is a big knot in the back of my neck and my right shoulder.

My lower back is so cranky, it is making crunchy noises.

Stress- it doesn’t just fuck with my mind.

Today was overall a decent day. The thing about being dragged kicking and screaming away from home by the bitch I call life, is that I have a lot less work to do here. As long as I don’t think about it waiting for me back there, I can just sort of chill. Sort of.

Except that people in New Mexico are so relaxed that they actually stress me out. “Laid back” looks a lot like spaced out and lazy to me.

I have seen some art that I liked. That is a plus.

Welcome, Maybe
2009 in Review

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