Thursday Trio

The Three Stooges
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Most Thursday nights we go on a special dog walk. The special aspect is that we have an extra dog (and his person) along with us. This causes London and Indy boundless spastic excitement. The thing that really strikes me though, is that they get completely hyper on Thursday nights even when the guests do not show up. Every Thursday night, they freak out.

If we skip for more than two weeks in a row, the Thursday night freak outs die off, but as soon as the regular schedule is reestablished, Thursday evening behavior amps right up again.

There are an unfortunate number of instances when I can’t keep track what day of the week it is, but the dogs…

Aggravation, mental wiitardation, aggravation, a game we used to play
Another step toward becoming a hermit, on a mountain... with a shotgun (and internet access)

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