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We rented Karaoke Revolution: American Idol and tried it out tonight.

The American Idol aspect is totally R-Tarted. However the rest is very KR, and I do love KR.

First let me just take the time to complain one more time, why the fuck does Harmonix keep making these games without any saved player or character carryover. I am so sick of everybody needing to reenter their info every time we get a new game. It is dumb. DUMB. If anybody from Harmonix ever happens by to read this, FIX THIS. Of course now that you were bought by MTV you will probably only become more suckful.

Alright, so we are all sick, so KR is not really the game of choice, but Gamefly sent it, so there it was. The kid and I made new characters but we didn’t bother to use the EyeToy to put our own “Cameo Face” on the characters. For one thing, we already have been there, done that and they won’t let us move our fucking characters over. For another it is late and we feel like crap.

Make characters, enter player names. Get started.

I didn’t look up all the new song options, but I sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Just the Way You Are”. I sang them both on easy, because I am in a bad mood and don’t want to be rated harshly. Scored Platinum on both of them.

The kid sang “Unwritten” and “Sugar We’re Going Down” also on easy, she does have a cold. I usually make her get rated at a harder level than me so it is more “fair” because in KR, I like to falsify a sense of fairness. She scored Diamond on both of them. Yeah, she kicked my ass, even with her snotty nose and froggy voice.

It is mostly like KR except that if you choose the AI option the three dorks babble at you after you finish singing. Also at the end the winner sings an encore of the song they won with. I left and did not listen to the kid reprise her song. Not I was tired of listening to her, but because Indy hadn’t stopped farting the entire time we had been playing, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Nothing like playing karaoke with a dog fogging up the air.

Anyhow, we bought it. I don’t think I will ever play the AI option again. It just made it take longer and wasn’t any fun. The rest of it was fine and it will be cool to have new songs to mess with. Now we just have to add in all our friends names again. We should be done by the time they come out with the next version.

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