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MSN displays local gas prices. They are not the only site that does it, but I do find the ones that get updates from the gas stations to be more reliable than the user reported sites. Unfortunately they do not cover the membership gas stations (like Costco, at least not in my area). I still find them very useful.

When it comes to shopping, I prefer to shop online. When you go to shop at a store, there are people there. I don’t like that. There are people online too, but they interfere with my shopping somewhat less. I am also cheap. Therefore I like things which make it easier to get what I want for less. Froogle is some help there.

I use fatwallet to look for deals and coupons and to get rebates.

I also shop at bookcloseouts. It is like browsing through the bargain tables in a bookstore, but with a much better search feature.

DVDpricesearch was a big favorite because the shopping cart features allow me to figure out the best place overall to get things, and also keep track of things I want to purchase when they finally get cheap enough. I don’t use them as much anymore because I was able to get a bit of a handle on my DVD purchasing addicition by using Netflix. They let me take coupons into account too. gamepricezone by the same guy is also useful, but now we almost always just “keep it” from gamefly, which tends to be cheaper. Gamefly is terrific, it lets us play a lot more games while spending a lot less on games that turn out to not be enjoyable to us.

Of course ebay is good for locating deals or unusual things online. I like using jbidwatcher. Unfortunately due to some assholes he might quite working on the project. I’ve donated to him in the past.

Useless Things
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