Ways to thrill a first time customer – Not

I placed a first time order with a company (a fairly high end company at that) for a total of 26 items. Today it arrived. The ‘quantity shipped’ on my packing slip shows all of the items listed and marked as shipped, nothing is marked on back order.

How many items are missing?


That is a lot. That happens to be more than a quarter of them. How much did that bother me? So much that I called. I actually called. I hate to call. I don’t want to talk to somebody on the phone. I would much rather handle such things by email, but I wanted rapid assurances that this was going to be fixed, as well as an explaination of how such an error could be made.

Their customer service number is only available until 5:30 PM Eastern time. I was unable to reach them. I’ve sent an email. Let’s see if how rapidly they respond.

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