Weclome to

Welcome to my new blog…

and my old blog…

and my really old blog.

By which I mean, I decided to get my own domain name and host my own blog.  I host tons of shit for other people, including blogs, but have never hosted my own blog.  I figured, for various reasons, it was time.  I imported my old wordpress blog here, so I have those old posts.  I’ve also been slowly moving selected things in from my first blog, which I never did move over to my wordpress hosted blog.  I did not do a blanket import, so this will not be a complete archive of my blogging years, but this will be the most comprehensive compilation available through one stop viewing.

I posted only 4 times in 2012.  There are a lot of reasons for that.  I’m not going to go over all of them in this inaugural post, but over time I’ll probably cover some of those reasons.

Because I am still fiddling with things here, please pardon the construction dust.  Due to the vagaries of RSS and subscriptions to such things, you might get erroneous notifications of new posts as I move over really old posts.  Sorry for any confusion that results in.  Think of it like time travel.

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  1. Stacy McKenna says:

    For the technologically impaired and lazy, do you have an RSS for this blog so’s I can keep track of it?

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