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Darby has a date tomorrow. I’ve been feeling sad that she hasn’t had any serious inquiries. Is stressed me enough that I tried making a commercial for her. Mindy got multiple applications for her, and Webster has had a hold on him from the start. Some people have called about Darby, but not followed through. When this happens I worry that our photos are not presenting them in a good enough light, or I am not doing enough to help them become a better pet (not so much with a puppy this young, there is only so much I can do and she is in the same place as her littermates). I suppose that makes me self-centered, thinking it has something to do with me, but I do want them to be appealing and interesting. The more people who apply, the better chance we have of finding that really special match.

Darby reminds me of London, so of course I have a bit of extra emotional investment in her placement. Well, that, and the fact I MADE HER. Yes, I am super emotionally invested in all their placements. I always am, but there is something about all that bottle feeding and sleepless nights and feeding tubes and concern about keeping them alive that intensified it a bit over how I’d normally feel after so few weeks with them.

I heard from Laney‘s family. She is doing very well. She is in puppy kindergarten classes and is super smart at learning commands. I’m so thrilled they have her in classes.

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow. Darby doesn’t need multiple families to apply for her. She just needs the right family to do it. Laney only had one applicant too (Corbin had multiple – Black Dog Syndrome?), but it was the right family.

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