Year of the Horse

So far 2014 has been a bit rougher than I was hoping for, but perhaps it will turn the corner with the Lunar New Year.

I’ve been doing a lot of editing work over the past several months, video editing, a novel, short stories, website content.  I’ve been working a lot on other’s visions, and am doing nothing with my own visions.  Some days it is difficult to even have visions.

Today is not that day though.  Today I need to do a bunch of practical things like tend to an my injured shoulder and deal with a bunch of site security issues, and keep working on projects for other people.

I don’t want to post this because there is no meat to the post, but then it will be just like all the other days when I don’t have enough to say, or what I have to say is worth bothering to post.  Today I am pretending that today is different.  Hopefully the first of many different days.  The truth is 2013 sucked in ways I still haven’t adjusted to.  The other truth is that as difficult as some hours, days, weeks, years are – I have some truly amazing people in my life.

You Can Pry My Booze Out of My Cold Old Dead Hand

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