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Today I am migrating to my new computer. Overall this is a good thing. My current desktop is woefully underpowered for the workload I put on it.

In the short term it means there will be a lot of swearing and fit throwing in my near to mid future as things on the new computer are “not right” yet and I won’t realize that something isn’t installed or that some default that I hate has been left in place until I am under deadline and completely behind.

At the moment it means I have a lot of backing up to do. Which is what I am doing right now, and I am killing burn time by typing this. The computer I am leaving is a mirrored RAID setup, as is the one I am moving too. In theory I do not need to be burning these files to CD, nor backing them to an external drive. The plan is that these two drives will be yanked out of this machine and one will be stored away with all the data that is on it currently, and the other will be stuck in an external enclosure and connected to the new computer so that I can move my files onto it.

However there is stuff on here that it would really really suck to lose, so I feel the need to play it safer and have quadruple copies of things. Unfortunately my computer is really not much better organized than my brain is, so it is a fair amount of effort to find all the important items that I want to make sure are saved.

“69% Writing to disc” Nice display of the English language.

Ooh, “100% Writing to disc” I believe that is my cue to do something. No, I was wrong. “9% Verifying the compilation”

Xander is sitting next to the monitor taking turns between cleaning himself and knocking stuff off of my desk.

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