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Let me make it clear. In general, I do not mind being asked to do favors for people.

Some people think that I say yes too often, but what matters is what I think, and that is not what I am writing about today. I will take the time to point out that if I do, it is MY FAULT. I am not interested in blaming anybody else for a task I have taken on, as a favor to them. I am also not going to discuss why I say yes a large portion of the time. I know why, I don’t need help realizing it, and NO it is not because I am looking for validation. I do other dumb shit for validation. Favors are not a part of that. Having people rely on me does not make me feel better about myself. I am not saying it makes me feel worse, I am just trying to make it absolutely crystal clear that:

A) In general I do not mind being asked to do favors.
B) If I happen to say yes when perhaps I should not have, I do not blame the people for asking.
C) My doing favors has zero to do with some need to be needed by vast quantities of people.

Is it clear yet? I doubt it. Nonetheless, I will go on.

When somebody is taking the time to do you a favor, take a bit of your time to grasp what the hell it is they are doing for you. Do not assume that because they do something well, it is easy. You cannot, will not, or choose not, to do it, which is why you asked for the favor. I get that. I am not expecting an intimate knowledge of the process out of you. However, you have asked somebody to take the time out of their life to do something in benefit of your life. It is just good manners to try to understand what level of time and effort are needed to go into completing that favor for you. You might even try to understand it and decide if it is worth that time and effort before having them commit to doing the favor.

So yeah, my description of the problems inherent in the “little favor” you are asking me to do for you, might seem long winded and boring. It is taking far less of your time to listen to me, than it is of my time, to do the work for you. LISTEN. HEAR. ATTEMPT TO GROK. I was not speaking because I like the sound of my voice. I am trying to teach you something, so that you understand why you should not get yourself into the same situation over and over again.

Go ahead, ask me to do you a favor. That is fine. Do not mistake my competence and work ethic for something being quick and easy. At least give the impression that you are aware what it is you are actually asking of me, especially when I have taken the extra time out of my life to explain it to you.

Thank you.

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