Family Movie Night

Last night we watched Jesus Camp. Overall I thought it was a well done documentary. If you watch the trailers available on their website you definitely have a very strong idea of what the film is like, it just goes on much longer. It does give a good opportunity to get to know the kids better than the trailer does. Also quite a bit of Ted Haggard footage is featured, which is of course made more interesting considering his recent history. Apparently he was not pleased with the movie, whereas Pastor Becky Fischer did not feel so negatively toward it.

I am not sure if I think the film would have been more powerful without a dissenting point of view, but since they did choose to portray one, I am glad that they used Mike Papantonio as that voice. He is well spoken, and strong in his own Christian faith.

The subject matter was definitely not one I felt any joy in watching, but it certainly provided the family with a topic of conversation for the evening.

The Families on Fire Summer Camp has shut down temporarily due to vandalism at the location they rent out for the camp. I hope the people involved in that vandalism do not think that they did anybody any favors. The ministry is still active, and has yet another reason to stand strong. The vandalism makes it clear, that as with every issue, there are a great many assholes on every side of it.

The Boys of Baraka is another piece by these filmmakers that has been in my Netflix queue for quite a while. After watching this, it will definitely be staying there, and might even move up a few spots.

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