The Deed is Done

Friday was the day. Our only child moved into her dorm room. The mixture and intensity of emotions is overwhelming. There is mental conflict and turmoil.

We spent 18.5 years working toward this goal. We did not have her in order to own her. We raised her with the goal of sending her out into the world to live her own life successfully, and this is a very important phase of that eventual goal. It is a Good(tm) thing, so why does it feel so craptacular?

The voices inside my head are fighting. There is one that keeps wailing, “This is the worst thing EVER!” while the other voices stare with disdain and correct the wailing voice harshly.

It isn’t a bad thing. Not at all. But it is a big, big change, and I am not very comfortable with it yet.

It took 18.5 years, but it also only took a minute, and my entire life.

Now we are at home, and she is in another city, 300 miles away, and life feels unsteady for all of us. It is a new frontier.

Willow is not amused.

Don't Worry, Be Stabby
I Feel Sad

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