Who wants to go to the mall?

Not me.

Okay, I just sent off pdf number 20 of the day, so they can all be approved by the client. I am pretty sure they will be, actually the one I have been fighting with the longest, he already approved but I was unhappy with how something was working out, so I have been fighting with it for the past week as I continued to work on the other items. Next will be getting them to the printer and getting proofs.

This should be a relief, but instead it means it is time to take my MIL to the mall. She wants to buy me an outfit, which is a very nice thing. It is just I am very bad at traditional clothes shopping. At this point I mainly order things online and just suck up the postage fees if it turns out I hate it or it doesn’t fit. The crowds, the noise, the cramped dressing rooms that are always way too warm for me, and all the muzak.

Alright, enough stalling. Off to shop I go.

First I have to move our outdoor bird into the garage because they are predicting record lows for the next two nights. Look at that, found another way to stall.

There Must Be Some Toros in the Atmosphere

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