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I am so very tired. My brain feels like it is in a fog, and has for the past two days. Luckily I managed to get some onsite work done yesterday (and not fall asleep in the car either direction), and field 5 calls from another client, plus get a flyer done for somebody, despite the fog.

Taxes were finished and in the mail in time for the 5PM pick up on the 17th. I did not have to find a post office that was open late, and my electronic filing happened before the TurboTax server crash. Of course, I was two days past the actual due date, but happily for me, the dates fell in my favor this year.

I just fell while going down the stairs. Now my back, my arms and my left leg hurt quite a bit. The right leg is doing just fine.

Anyhow, I am alive and kicking (with one leg anyway). Ready to tackle the rest of my to do list… but not today.

Tomorrow the animals get a visit with the vet. Willow needs her annual so she can stay on her meds. This has timed out well because she also happens to be constipated for the past couple of days. I hate cat shit when it is coming out, and yet it is a bit disturbing when it stops. London needs titers run and the required by law rabies vaccination. Indy alreayd got a once over this year, but also needs the rabies. Xander will get poked and prodded just for fun, since everyone else is. Next week the dogs go to get microchipped because it is THE LAW here now. I am not actually opposed to microchipping, but I so much not a fan of the government imposing upon my personal decisions.

I need to run some errands today. First, I should probably get dressed.

I really have so very many subjects I want to write about. Maybe once I wake up I will, even though they won’t be very timely.

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